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Wonder Boys
Wonder Boys – Michael Chabon

Wonder Boys is about a middle-aged author who had successfully published a book in the past.  Recently, he is spending many years writing a book that he can’t complete.  Grady Tripp, the main character, is also a college professor.  Some of the students he teaches have an easier time writing novels.  That is expected, since Tripp has a maturity level lower than most of his students and seems to be addicted to marijuana.

Tripp is having an affair with Sara.  She is the school chancellor and her husband happens to be Chairman of Tripp’s department (English) at the school.  During a party at the chancellor’s/chairman’s house, Sara informs Tripp that he had gotten her pregnant.  The only member of the household that seems to know about the affair besides the people involved is the dog.  When the dog attacks Tripp, James Leer shoots the dog dead.  Leer is one of Tripp’s suicidal students.  Leer is so obsessed with suicides that one of his talents is recalling facts about suicides from different movies.

Tripp’s agent Terry Crabtree comes to town.  Crabtree brings with him a transvestite, Miss Antonia.  Crabtree is very similar to Tripp.  They are both men that act like kids.  Crabtree is in town with hopes of making money.  He goes through Tripp’s 2,000+ page draft for his novel, but doesn’t like it.  He finds more interest in what Leer is able to produce.

While all of this is going on, his wife had dumped him that morning.  His in-laws invite him over to Passover dinner.  His wife is an Asian women that was adopted by a Jewish family.  Chabon’s writing style is random humor.  The whole book is quite random.

The book turned into a movie back in 2000.  The motion picture included an all star cast that included: Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr., and Katie Holmes to name a few.  7.4 out of 10 on IMDB.  Michael Chabon is a popular author with some good books.  He also wrote a good portion of Spider-Man 2.

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