Wayward Pines – Blake Crouch – FOX – Kindle Unlimited

Wayward Pines
Wayward Pines – Blake Crouch – FOX

Coming soon to FOX is Wayward Pines.  Executive Producer M Night Shymalan.  This is what caught my attention when I noticed this was an audio book included in Kindle Unlimited.  If FOX is going to create a prime time tv show based on the novel, I figured it has to be pretty good.

Spoiler Alert – there may be items in this article that you should not read if you want to wait for the FOX show and not know about the premises of the story.

Ethan wakes up confused.  It’s mainly due to waking up to amnesia.  He tries to get some facts by going to a coffee house.  The cashier is horrified and Ethan is nervous.  He starts wondering if he did something wrong that he can’t remember.  Ethan soon realizes that one side of his face is completely messed up.  He checks into the nearest hospital.  The nurse at the hospital works with him to try to help him remember things.  All he remembers is Mack.  This is because a Mack truck hit him.

Throughout the interaction, Ethan feels strange in Wayward Pines.  Something in the town seems off.  In his exploits throughout the town he has to deal with a difficult sheriff.  He tells the sheriff that he is a federal agent to ward off any questions about his strange behavior.  He tries to get information from a bartender, but just ends up pissing her off because he has no money.  He tries to hot wire a car to leave the strange town, but is caught in the act.  He will also end up fighting strange beasts in this unknown land.

In other scenes in the book, Ethan has flashbacks from his time served in the Gulf War.  Also, the book skips to portray his grief stricken wife and son because they have not seen Ethan.  His wife has lost hope and is at the point where she just wants to see his dead body for closure.

Dr. Jenkins starts informing Ethan of what’s going on.  He is the Wayward Pines psychiatrist.  Even though we come to a realization that he is not really a doctor.  Wayward Pines, Idaho is the only place left that houses mankind.  They are actually living in a time period where humans are almost extinct.  To preserve humankind this small area was created.  They try to get people to stay because all the other parts of the earth are surrounded by people that tried to kill Ethan.

It’s a very addictive book and I look forward to seeing where Blake Crouch takes us in the 2nd book.



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