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Mike Tyson
Undisputed Truth – Mike Tyson

Undisputed Truth is Mike Tyson’s biography which is now available for free on Scribd as an audio book.  Mike Tyson originally grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant.  It’s a well known part of Brooklyn, NY.  His mother didn’t like to hold steady jobs.  It was difficult for her to keep a steady relationship as well.  She looked for relationships only to find a source of income for her kids.  Tyson’s family couldn’t find enough money to stay in Bedford Stuyvesant.  They would move to Brownsville, NY. Bedford Stuyvesant isn’t the best area in Brooklyn.  Notorius BIG raps about it.  However, compared to Brownsville, Bedford Stuyvesant is a country club.  I was fortunate enough to work in Brownsville for a little while and it is a really scary place.

Mike Tyson, learned to fight from an early age.  He had to defend himself from the constant bullying.  He lived in a violent neighborhood, was overweight growing up, and had that distinctive funny voice. Tyson made friends with hooligans in the neighborhoods.  They taught him about pigeons.  In that neck of the woods, it’s a gang hobby to be able to control and catch pigeons.  A bunch of people release their pigeons together and the plan is to catch other people’s pigeons.  This is why you hear Mike Tyson talking about his love of pigeons.  Spending so much time with the birds, he learned quite a bit about them.  These kids would teach Mike Tyson how to rob.  Since he was young, he would usually sneak into the windows and open doors for his partners in crime.  His life of crime caught up to him and he was sent to  juvenile detention center.  He would stay at that center for some time. At the juvenille detention center.  Bobby Stewart discovered Mike Tyson’s boxing skills at the center.  He would introduce Mike Tyson to Cus D’Amato.  Tyson would describe Cus as more than a boxing educator.  He was more of a father figure to Mike Tyson.  Cus had opened up his home to Tyson.  Mike loved Cus, but he also talked about Cus’ dark side.  Cus didn’t take crap from anyone and forced Mike Tyson to do the same. As everyone knows, Mike Tyson would become the heavyweight champion of the world.  He would beat his competition in great fashion.  He would perform knockouts in the first round.

Throughout the book, Mike Tyson is very in-tune psychologically.  He has been on psychiatric medication from a young age.  He describes everything with a perspective of how it made him feel mentally.  From the great boxing performance, to the women, to the drug use everything is described psychologically.

Mike Tyson’s two big downfalls were the women and the drugs.  In this book he makes himself out to be a sex addict.  I read an audio book about an adult film star and Mike Tyson’s book seems to have more sexual relations in his book.  He travels the world and hangs out with very rich individuals (which is definitely factual based on his stardom at the time).  He also, goes back to Brownsville to hang out.  In both scenarios, he is constantly chasing girls.  Even when he gets locked up he manages to fornicate with another inmates girlfriend.  When that comes to an end he manages to create a sexual agreement with a penitentiary officer.  Many of the women he slept with would take advantage of him financially.  He would by many women expensive gifts that included luxury cars, jewelry, and expensive fur coats.  Many one night stands concluded with a female suing him for rape.  Based on the facts that were given in court, it’s safe to say that Mike Tyson didn’t rape these women.  However, many of them managed to get some sort of payout after a court ruling. Mike Tyson wasn’t a recreational user of drugs, he was addicted to them.  If you lookup Mike Tyson YouTube videos or Mike Tyson quotes, there are some funny items.  Most of these great comments were fueled by a liberal use of Marijuana.  He would talk about getting very high before interviews and press conferences.  This led to him saying things that just didn’t make much sense.  Mike Tyson also liked to use cocaine.  But once again not recreational use.  He would talk about getting pulled over by police for driving erratically because he was high.  When he got pulled over he would be carrying a brick of the white stuff.  But he managed to sweet talk his way out of a cop searching his vehicle. This book concludes with Mike Tyson going in and out of rehab.  He chronicles his struggles to stay clean.  He managed to sort of successfully finish a program, but then went out in Vegas and had another drug fueled evening.  I believe at the end of his book, he is clean for 6 months. This is one of the most interesting books I have ever read.  The stories told are great, but to me it’s Mike Tyson’s connection to his personal feelings and emotions that he shares throughout the book.  He is constantly referring to himself as a failure.  He was the heavyweight champion of the world, an actor, and now a great writer.  A failure he is not.  Please, read this book if you get the opportunity, you won’t regret it.

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