Tiger Woods : Real Story Steve Helling-Scribd Audiobook

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tigers Woods, the Michael Jordan of Golf.  The book begins with the tragedy of Tiger Woods’ infidelity.  It brings us to that part of his life when the media was well aware of what was going on.  How his cheating generated such popularity in the news.

Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, was in the military.  He had met Kultida when he was on tour in Thailand.  They had Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods in 1976.  Tiger had two half brothers that were much older from Earl’s first marriage.  Tiger was the name of a South Vietnamese officer that saved Earl’s life multiple times in Vietnam.

Tiger Woods was very much into golf at a young age.  He had enjoyed watching his father putt when he was a baby.  As a child he was uncomfortable between the racism at the school and not being very attractive.  As he got older Tiger Woods filled the role of the male friend to females.  They didn’t want to go out with him, but liked him because he was polite.

As Tiger Woods developed into the golf phenom his confidence grew.  He went to Stanford University on a golf scholarship.  At the age of 19 he was already playing in his first PGA Tour.  At the age of 20, he already had contracts with Nike and Titliest.  In 2000, Nike gave him a 5-year contract extension worth $105 million.

Around that time he had met Elin Nordegren.  She was a former model that was working as a nanny in Florida.  She wasn’t interested in Tiger Woods at first.  But soon she would fall in love with him.  The couple married in 2004.

Unfortunately for Elin, Tiger was a sex addict.  Based on this book it wasn’t just a scandal and fall out.  Since becoming a confident college student, Tiger Woods was all about the women.  He would entertain people with his raunchy humor.  Other golfers on the PGA tour knew Tiger Woods enjoyed the company of other females.  He would be caught in clubs making out with women.  Even when he was out with the wife, he enjoyed the attention that other women gave him.

The actual scandal had caused Tiger Woods to lose most of his endorsements.  Having Tiger Woods on a product used to be a huge money maker for these corporations, but after the scandal they had the opposite effect.  EA Sports kept the production of the Tiger Woods game they produced because they already spent too much money on testing.  Tiger Woods went to sex rehab, but it couldn’t save a family that he had destroyed.  The couple divorced in 2010 and Elin Nordegren received $750 million.

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