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Take Me With You
Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde – on Kindle Unlimited with WhisperSync

This was the next book I found on Amazon Kindle Unlimited with WhisperSync (which means free audio book when you have the Kindle Unlimited subscription).  Take Me With You is a coming of age story about someone who gets stuck watching someone else’s sons for the summer.

WARNING: There are some spoilers in this article.

August, is a science teacher who likes to spends his summers taking journey in his RV.  Some vehicle troubles bring him to an auto mechanic.  He has a Jack Russel Terrier named Woody.  The auto mechanic’s two sons Seth (12) and Henry (7) take a liking to Woody.  Wes, the auto mechanic, takes this opportunity to coerce August into taking his boys for the summer.  It sounds a little strange, but Wes is going to prison, and he doesn’t want to send his boys to an orphanage.

August takes the boys with him on his RV road trip and realizes that the kids have great manners, even though their father is in prison.  Henry is really shy and quiet.  After some investigating, August realizes that Wes is in prison for multiple DUI violations.  This is ironic because August is a recovering alcoholic himself.  We learn that August had a son who died in a car accident.  The car was driven by August’s ex-wife who also was and still is an alcoholic.

The premises of their RV summer trip is that they are taking Phillip’s (August’s son who passed) ashes to Yellowstone Park.  They go hiking and do some rock climbing.  Seth accidentally spills Phillip’s ashes over a peak.  Seth is devastated, but August tells him that’s what his son would have wanted.  He describes his son as a dare devil that would love to go down Niagara Falls.  August is making this all up as he doesn’t want Seth to feel bad for spilling the ashes.  Through this journey August ends up falling in love with the boys.  After the trip is over they agree to stay in touch.  August’s Alcoholics Anonymous mentor tells August that staying in contact with the boys is probably a bad idea.  The mentor advises August that they have a father and that August should just let them be.

Even though August’s relationship with the boys was distant they still kept in touch.  Years later when Seth is in college he reaches out to August over Skype.  August is now having physical difficulties due to an ailment.  But August is more in a position to say Take Me With You.  Seth and Henry surprise August by taking him on an RV trip instead.  They blind fold August to surprise him, as Seth drives diagonally cross country to reach Niagara Falls.

Take Me With You is a great read for someone who is looking for a heartfelt book.  I look forward to reading other Catherine Ryan Hyde books in the future.  If I don’t get a chance to read her Pay it Forward book, I will definitely put it on the Netflix Queue.




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