To Be Takei – Netflix Streaming

George Takei
George Takei

This documentary is on Netflix streaming as of today’s date.  It is about former Star Trek actor George Takei.  He broke into Hollywood by playing a Japanese characters with accents on television shows.  He would land roles among popular actors like Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, and James Caan.  The most important role he would land is Sulu on Star Trek.

The documentary recounts the attack on Pearl Harbor.  After the attack, Japanese-Americans were forced to go into interment camps.  This lasted from 1942 to 1946 and was authorized by Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Within days of the attack, racist signs against the Japanese were seen everywhere.  Newspapers and state politicians made it clear that they wanted the Japanese to leave as well.  Later on in Life, Takei became a politician.  He led those affect by interment camps to get a restitution payment from the Reagan administration.

On a happier note, George Takei is hysterical.  He is a repeat client on the Howard Stern show.  He is also a homosexual and a huge gay activist.  In response to Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, he puts together the funniest video.  Here is that video, George Takei video.  Fortunately, the bill did not pass.  Takei credits coming out of the closet publicly to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  When Arnold was running for government, he talked about some of his best friends being gay.  After getting into office he vetoed the marriage equality bill.  This infuriated Takei and led him to start publicly supporting homosexuality.

Takei has millions of Facebook and Twitter followers.  He is very smart and funny.  His fans love his one liners.  In the documentary he tells his husband Brad (Altman) Takei, as well as Will Wheaton that they put on some weight.  He doesn’t seem very sensitive to other people’s feelings, but he is loved by millions.