Love Me – Netflix – Documentary

Love Me
Love Me – Netflix Documentary

Love Me is a great documentary currently on Netflix streaming.  I don’t believe it is meant to be a comedy.  However, it is quite comical.  It’s about a few interesting men in the United States that struggle to find a women.  There are approximately 160 million women here in the United States, but they can’t seem to find any for themselves.  

Spoiler Alert: Love Me is summarized, but still worth watching.

Bobby is a 400 lb government employee who obsessively plays video games.  His ex-wife cheated on him and he is now looking for love.  Eric is an engineer that lives in Texas.  He looks a little like a serial killer.  He never found true love in the states.  Robert is a construction worker from California.  He seems to be the most normal one out of the bunch.  Ron, is a divorced millionaire from California.  He is in his late 50s and very much into fitness.  At some point in this documentary it looks like he is shooting steroids.  Travis is a farmer from Wisconsin.  He looks like a creepier version of Jon Cryer.  He seems quiet and lonely.  Michael is the only one outside of the United States.  He lives in Australia.  He is an older man that has been married twice before.

All the studs mentioned are part of a service that connects them with women in the Ukraine.  These guys get ripped off by paying $10 an email to send them to potential females in the Ukraine.  The documentary shows these guys taking a trip to Ukraine to find potential wives.  It strategically shows their stories separately.  Bobby waits for his true love at a dinner/dance the foreign exchange service sets up.  He refuses to approach any of the other women at the dance because he is in love already with the one he met on the internet.  It’s quite unfortunate because which Ukrainian woman wouldn’t want to be hit on by a 400 lb US government employee?  He eventually gets them to find the woman the next day.  She seems into him.  But then ignores him when he goes back to the United States.  Eric finds his woman (this being his 6th trip to the Ukraine), and she actually seems sweet and comes from a good family.  They get married in a really inexpensive ceremony.  And the “Kiss the Bride” scene is very gross.  Eric looks even more like a serial killer kissing his bride.  Robert is able to find his true love as well.  Ron doesn’t have much success in the Ukraine, but is able to meet someone in the United States when he comes back.  Travis, meets a woman, he goes back to the Ukraine to propose.  He stays with the woman’s family and you can tell that something is not working out well.  That story ends with the police saying his wife owes them $4,000, so now Travis owes them that money.  He says he doesn’t have it and settles by paying the police $800.  He goes back to the United States scammed and wifeless.  Michael meets a woman that he marries.  He is secretly warned about the woman.  The woman admits that she only marries men to try to find a good place for her kids.  She has married multiple men and doesn’t take things seriously.  She never calls or answers calls from Michael.  When Michael goes back to the Ukraine to figure out what is going on, they break the marriage off.

Love Me is hysterical.  I think it’s supposed to be reality, but I cant help but feel that there is no way this can be real.  Watch it, be entertained, and let me know if you think this is real.