Champs Documentary – Bert Marcus


Champs is a documentary that is currently streaming on Netflix.  It features boxing greats Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, and Evander Holyfield.  The purpose of this documentary is to show how different boxing is from any other sport.

Coincidentally, all three of the Champs featured into this film were born into poverty.  For Mike Tyson and Bernard Hopkins that also included issues with the law from an early age.  For these boxers they didn’t see a flyer about a boxing school and signed up out of interest.  Fighting was a necessity in the poor towns that they were raised in.

Mike Tyson, was raised in the rough parts of Brownsville, Brooklyn.  His father wasn’t around and his mother was promiscuous.  Mike Tyson turned to the streets at a young age.  He would rob people with a gang.  As a juvenile, he went through the prison system.  There he was discovered by a counselor and former boxer.  After training for a few months in the system, he would be introduced to Cus D’amato.  Mike Tyson would be taken in by Cus D’Amato.  Mike referred to Cus as his real father.  He was a great mentor to Iron Mike.

Evander Holyfield was born in a very poor suburb of Alabama.  He was the youngest of nine children.  He went in a different route than Mike Tyson.  He started fighting at the Boys Club from an early age.  By the age of 20 he was in the Olympics.  He went on to have a great career.  Holyfield was the undisputed champion of the world (1990-1992).  Ironically, the other star of this documentary, Mike Tyson bit a part of Holyfield’s ear off in a fight.

Bernard Hopkins was a middleweight champion that defended his title 20 times.  He was a thug that grew up in Philadelphia.  A product of a drug addict father and an alcoholic mother.  When Hopkins was locked up in prion for 5 years, his brother got murdered in the streets.

Champs a multi-purpose documentary.  It entertains the audience to see the struggles that the boxers go through.  The audience is entertained by watching great moments in these boxers careers.  Another important purpose of this documentary is to show the audience that boxing is no joke.  It shows how the fighters that rise to the top went through very serious struggles.  I believe Champs helps many people that are looking into boxing look for another career.  It’s a great documentary and it’s still on Netflix as of today (thanks instantwatcher).


Stalking Amanda Todd – TopDocumentaryFilms

Amanda Todd
Amanda Todd

Over the past week I found a new obsession.  A website that offers so many free documentaries.  Check out  Let’s begin with the conclusion and move onto the story.  On October 12, 2012, Amanda Todd committed suicide at the age of 15.

Amanda Todd’s parents separated when she was young.  Her mother didn’t want Amanda Todd to own a webcam.  Her father was ok with it.  Amanda Todd loved to perform.  Her father found the webcam necessary to perform.  She started using the webcam to socialize with strangers over the internet.

One day she was requested to do inappropriate things over the webcam.  She settled at simply flashing someone.  Unfortunately, the individual she was communicating with was a ‘capper’.   A capper is someone who captures screen images from video.  He then used this screenshot to try to commit ‘sextortion‘.  He would request that Amanda Todd puts on sex shows for him.  When she declined it would have it’s consequences.

In late 2010, Amanda Todd found out that her topless photo was circulating around the internet.  She was experiencing severe anxiety and depression.  She even turned to drugs and alcohol.  In 2012, her family had moved to a new city to start over.  Once again, the sextortionist reached out to her and requested a private show.  She stood up to the bully once again.  This time the bully created a fake facebook profile connecting to her new school.  Once the facebook profile had most of her classmates, the bully changed the profile picture to Amanda Todd’s topless photo.  This time Amanda Todd moved on to self mutilation and was hospitalized for two days for an overdose.    Shortly thereafter, she committed suicide.

Amanda Todd was from Canada.  The authorities had investigated this crime and traced the criminal’s computer to Holland.  Unfortunately, the  Dutch authorities didn’t really pursue the matter.  Leave it to the country that has legalized drugs and prostitutes to make such a decision.  We need to learn a lesson from this documentary.  When the internet was first becoming popular we were consistently warned that anything posted on the internet is permanent and available to anyone.  It may be easier to lose inhibitions when no one is actually in the room.  Please, learn from these mistakes.

This was a great documentary created by The Fifth Estate.  It is Canada’s investigative documentary program.  It is broadcast on Canadian television on Friday at 9 PM.

Pump – Netflix Streaming (fighting the oil industry)

Pump - Documentary Netflix
Pump – Documentary Netflix (fighting the oil industry)

This documentary on netflix streaming explores the United States addiction to Oil.  The movie begins with showing how oil made some people very rich. Similar to the recent boom that we have in technology (i am referring to the stock of Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc.), there was a big boom in oil.  In the later half of the 18th century John D. Rockefeller took advantage of this oil boom.  He founded The Standard Oil Company.  He did whatever it took to grow his company.  He would create secret ventures with vendors to control the competition.    For example, he would work with freight companies to make them charge higher prices on his oil competitors.  As Standard Oil grew bigger, they would acquire smaller oil companies.  This documentary shows Rockefeller’s large support for prohibition.  Ethanol is created using alcohol and Rockefeller saw this as a threat to his oil empire.

Oil puts us at the mercy of other countries.  Many of our oil reserves are coming from the mideast.  We spend more money protecting our mideast oil interests than the oil itself.  The US puts the military out in these oil fields to protect the oil reserves.  Recently, to help save money the United States started drilling into oil reserves domestically.  We get oil through a process called fracking.  In the process we drill deep down into the earth.  We use high pressure water to release gas from the rocks.  We lose lots of water, increase the potential to release of carcinogens in the ground water, and increase potential for earthquakes.

In China it is very difficult to get a vehicle.  There is a lottery and then you have to bid a large sum of money just to register a vehicle.  China is trying to curb the amount of cars on the road due to recent air pollution.  Oil causes more air pollution than many other types of alternative fuels.  Brazil on the other hand, has experienced economic improvement by using biomass fuel.  They use corn fields and all other types of unused biomass to fuel their vehicles.

The United States is taking a stand on the matter.  President Obama is taking a stand by introducing the Open Fuel Standard Act.  By 2017, 95% of the vehicles are expected to run on non-petroleum based fuels.  The irony is that many of our cars do currently run on alternative fuels, but most people don’t even know it.  For the cars that do not have the option, they can be fixed for under $500.  Some vehicles can run on alternative fuels with a simple software update to the automobile’s computer system.  You can find out which gas stations provide alternative fuels at the energy website.  Overall, a great documentary with great information.