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Obama: From Promise to Power

Obama: From Promise to Power is an audio book available to Scribd members. Mendell has been covering the current President’s rise to fame since the early Senate run.  Barack has an ideal view of what he wants to accomplish as a politician.

Mendell  meets up with Obama at the University of Chicago where Barack is a professor.  The female students in class are in awe as Obama speaks to them. Mendell is assured that he will sit down for an interview, but isn’t given a time.  They finally meet at a restaurant.  Mendell describes Obama as someone who is extremely confident.  He soon learns that the confidence stems from childhood.  In raising Obama, his mother always stroked his ego.

Obama was born to an American mother and an African father.  His father earned acceptance into Harvard and left the family.  Barack had spent his childhood in Hawaii.  His mother would have to travel internationally often and his grandparents would watch him.  As a youth, Obama was very interested in basketball, which is obvious during March madness.

After graduating college Obama became involved as a director of Community projects in Chicago.  This had his mind focused on what he can do to improve the community.  He understood, to make those positive changes he would need to hold a political office.  His love of reading, gave him the intellectual capability toattend Harvard Law School.  He succeeded there becoming the first ever black president of the Harvard Law Review.

Obama had failed in his run for mayor.  He  then makes a run for the senate.  Half of this book is about that run.   Mendell’s intellectual writing really kicks into full gear.  There is a play-by-play analysis of every word that is spoken by Obama.  The unfortunate truth about politics is that everything you say is analyzed.  Sometimes you just look forward to other’s failures for your benefit.  For example, the Jack Ryan Sex Club Scandal which helped Obama advance.  To play in this crazy game, Obama picked up the best public relation/speaking coach, David Axelrod.  Obama had succeeded with hard work.  His campaign trail would visit more than 5 cities daily.  In the midst of all this he was working on writing a book.