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Elon Musk
Elon Musk

I must first admit that I did not know who Elon Musk was.  I had seen him on the ‘Secret Lives of the Super Rich‘ TV show.  This is why I searched for him on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.  Elon Musk is South African born with a Canadian background.  He is a smart and stubborn individual.  Doesn’t particularly like to follow orders.  The book describes a situation where he was punished.  He secretly left his house during the punishment and walked for 4 hours to attend a party.  He taught himself computer programming at the young age of 12.  Elon Musk created a game using BASIC and sold it to a computer magazine for $500.

Elon Musk attended UPenn and obtained his undergraduate degree in Physics and Economics.  He started his Physics PhD program at Stanford University but left after 2 days to become an entrepreneur.  In 1995, His brother Kimbal and Elon would start an internet city guide called Zip2.  Compaq would acquire the company for $341 million.  This would make Elon Musk $22 million.  At that point most people would by a nice home and work out their retirement.  Not Elon Musk.  In 1999, he poured $10 million into X.com to be a co-founder.  The company worked with financial services and e-payments.  They would merge with a company that created Paypal.  The company was renamed Paypal and sold to Ebay in 2002 for a mere $1.5 billion.  This would make Elon Musk $165 million.  At this point, I would believe at least 99% of people with this amount of wealth wold consider retirement.

Elon Musk, was hungry to pursue another dream that he had.  He believed that we could bring crops with us in a certain form to another planet.  He would want to start creating this crop on the other planet, to bring us closer to living outside of Earth.  He believed that the current way Space Rockets were created was inefficient.  He wanted to change the supply chain integration of creating the rockets to get a better price.  He would throw $100 million of his own money into SpaceX.

In 2004, Elon Musk would make a large investment into Tesla Motors.  He would be Chairman of the Board and would not be involved in Day-to-Day operations.  During the financial Crisis of 2008, he took a CEO role and would become the chief architect.  In addition to creating great electric cars, they also sell electric powertrain systems to other major automobile manufacturers.

What sets Elon Musk apart from other wealthy powerhouses is his desire to help society in his actual work.  Bill Gates, does it through a separate Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  But Elon Musk is open to people using his Tesla patents in Good Faith to speed up the process of creating electrical vehicles.  I don’t believe Bill Gates had ever opened up Microsoft patents in Good Faith.  Another venture he is in is SolarCity.  This company provides Solar Power.  Elon Musk’s main goal is to combat global warming.  He is actually working on providing California very cheap options to upgrade their homes to Solar Power to show his concern for global warming.

If you watch ‘Secret Lives of the Super Rich’, Elon Musk does have some expensive toys.  But he also has enough money to do the right thing  even if it impacts profit negatively.  Read Elon Musk: Renaissance Man by Nathanial Oliver if you want a succinct Elon Musk biography.

Bill Gates: Life/Lessons Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Bill Gates
Bill Gates – Microsoft

Bill Gates came from an upper-middle class family.  His family encouraged a competitive nature from their children.  Bill and his 2 sisters would play cards competitively often.  At 13, he enrolled in Lakeside School, where he would meet Paul Allen.  After scoring 1590 out of 1600 on the SATs, he was on his way to Harvard College.

Bill Gates followed the computer industry and learned that the Altair computer was coming out with the Intel 8080 processor.  He saw this as the perfect opportunity to start a company.  Him and Allen worked on a BASIC interpreter for the Altair.  Computer hobbyists took the code they created and distributed it.  Bill Gates unsuccessfully requested payment for this.  At this point Bill Gates and Paul Allen decided to name their partnership Microsoft and they had earned the respect of the programming community.  Bill Gates, had also decided to completely withdraw from Harvard University and give his company 100% attention.

In 1980, IBM was looking to revolutionize the computer industry with the creation of the personal computer.  They reached out to Microsoft for the BASIC interpreter.  IBM also needed an operating system and Bill Gates jumped at the opportunity.  Most people probably believe that at that point Microsoft created DOS and the rest is history.  That is partially true.  Bill Gates and Paul Allen were smart enough to create their own Disk Operating System (DOS).  However, IBM had a time-frame and Microsoft knew between creation, testing, and bringing it to market, there was no time.  They reached out to Seattle Computer Products and bought their version of DOS for $50,000.  Then, Bill Gates and Paul Allen fixed that operating system to IBM’s request and sold it to them under a licensing agreement.  The gamble payed off as the PC became popular and other companies started cloning the machine.  All the clones ran MS-DOS.

In 1985, he launched Microsoft Windows.  The operating system had many similarities to Apple‘s Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating system.  Apple took Microsoft to court for these similarities.  The case went on for years until it was ruled that the GUI was a necessary and common to PC users and that no company owned the patent for GUI.

In 1986, the company would go public.  Bill Gates owned 45% of the shares.  By 1987, at the age of 31, Bill Gates would become the youngest Billionaire.  By the age of 39, he was the wealthiest man in the United States.

Geroge Ilian, talks about the failure of Microsoft to take the Internet seriously.  They were slow to react to the popularity and because of it companies like Google would lead the market.  Even harder to digest was Apple’s success with iTunes internet sales and the creation of iPhone to utilize the internet.  Microsoft realized this mistake and tried to make up for it by entering the video game console market.  The XBox series of consoles have done an incredible job.  They have a loyal following and are the only respectable competitors to the Sony Playstation.

One of the most important things that Bill Gates has created is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  Influenced by Warren Buffett, this foundation has given away about $28 Billion to charitable causes.

Stephen Curry – Clayton Geoffreys – Kindle Unlimited


Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, is the son of former NBA player, Dell Curry.  His mother, Sonya had met Dell Curry at Virginia Tech.  While watching Dell play basketball, Sonya was on the volleyball team herself.  Stephen grew up in a strict, devout Christian household.  Chores came first.  He wasn’t allowed to play basketball unless his chores were done.  Curry, went to Charlotte Christian high school.  He led his team to three conference finals.  Since, he was only 6’0″ tall and 160 lbs, he did not have too many college scouts taking him very seriously.  His first choice would have been Virginia Tech, but they only offered him a walk-on role.  He would take a scholarship offer from Davidson.

Freshman year, he was the 2nd leading scorer in college basketball behind Kevin Durant.  Sophomore year, Stephen Curry led the Davidson Wildcats to the NCAA tournament.  They were knocked out by top seeded Kansas.  That year (2008) he was named most outstanding player in the midwest region.  By Junior year he was the NCAA scoring leader.

Stephen Curry opted out of his Senior Year in college.  In 2009, he was drafted 7th overall by the Golden State Warriors.  Curry finished the season averaging 17.5 points and came in 2nd for the NBA Rookie of the year award.  The following year he got the Golden State record for free throw percentage.  He also earned the sportmanship award that season.  The 2011-2012 season was a difficult on for Stephen Curry.  He suffered a terrible ankle sprain and played only 26 of 66 games in a shortened lockout season.  The following year he agreed to a $44 million 4-year contract extension.  This would be less money than teammates David Lee and Andre Iguodola.  But, he accepted the offer.  He wasn’t one for trying to make the most money.  That year they would make it to the playoffs, but were defeated by the San Antonio Spurs.

Around this time, Under Armour would give Stephen Curry a $5.5 million endorsement offer.  He could have made significantly more by signing on with another company.  But Stephen Curry, liked the way Under Armour was all about his needs.  Stephen Curry, needed special sneakers to be made to work with his ankle injuries.

Stephen Curry, is a master of the three point shot.  He was the youngest to make 1,000 three pointers in the NBA, the youngest to 100 three pointers in playoff games, and made 11 three pointers in one game (record is 12).  He is still a devout Christian and writes biblical verses on his sneakers before playing basketball games.  In 2011, he married his high school sweetheart Ayesha Curry.  They have a young daughter, Riley Curry.  At the time of this article they are leading Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers 3-2 in the 2015 NBA Finals.

Clayton Geoffreys, is a great writer that loves to write about basketball stars.  His books give lots of interesting information and are available for free with an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.