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Amanda Todd
Amanda Todd

Over the past week I found a new obsession.  A website that offers so many free documentaries.  Check out  Let’s begin with the conclusion and move onto the story.  On October 12, 2012, Amanda Todd committed suicide at the age of 15.

Amanda Todd’s parents separated when she was young.  Her mother didn’t want Amanda Todd to own a webcam.  Her father was ok with it.  Amanda Todd loved to perform.  Her father found the webcam necessary to perform.  She started using the webcam to socialize with strangers over the internet.

One day she was requested to do inappropriate things over the webcam.  She settled at simply flashing someone.  Unfortunately, the individual she was communicating with was a ‘capper’.   A capper is someone who captures screen images from video.  He then used this screenshot to try to commit ‘sextortion‘.  He would request that Amanda Todd puts on sex shows for him.  When she declined it would have it’s consequences.

In late 2010, Amanda Todd found out that her topless photo was circulating around the internet.  She was experiencing severe anxiety and depression.  She even turned to drugs and alcohol.  In 2012, her family had moved to a new city to start over.  Once again, the sextortionist reached out to her and requested a private show.  She stood up to the bully once again.  This time the bully created a fake facebook profile connecting to her new school.  Once the facebook profile had most of her classmates, the bully changed the profile picture to Amanda Todd’s topless photo.  This time Amanda Todd moved on to self mutilation and was hospitalized for two days for an overdose.    Shortly thereafter, she committed suicide.

Amanda Todd was from Canada.  The authorities had investigated this crime and traced the criminal’s computer to Holland.  Unfortunately, the  Dutch authorities didn’t really pursue the matter.  Leave it to the country that has legalized drugs and prostitutes to make such a decision.  We need to learn a lesson from this documentary.  When the internet was first becoming popular we were consistently warned that anything posted on the internet is permanent and available to anyone.  It may be easier to lose inhibitions when no one is actually in the room.  Please, learn from these mistakes.

This was a great documentary created by The Fifth Estate.  It is Canada’s investigative documentary program.  It is broadcast on Canadian television on Friday at 9 PM.

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