Neil Patrick Harris: Choose your own Autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris - NPH
Neil Patrick Harris with Family

Once again, a Scribd Audio Book.  Neil Patrick Harris is brilliant.  He talks about his life as an actor.  He speaks in the third person, as he talks to himself about himself.  This book is literally at least 90% about him being an actor.

He starts the book out about talking about giving a great monologue in a school play.  His confidence boosting monologue is what he attributes to the great lesson leading to his career.  His first big break as Doogie Howser, MD was actually by luck.  It was his agent’s assistant’s boyfriend or something similar that landed him the interview.  I say the interview and not the gig because Neil Patrick Harris earned that role.  If you watched the show you would surely agree.

Neil Patrick Harris began the show at the age of 16 and it lasted until he was 20.  He talks about episodes where he had to play the doctor that delivered the baby.  After the show had come to a conclusion, NPH did not have any great gigs lined up.  He did what most actors did in their 20s.  Neil Patrick Harris hit the Hollywood club scene.  The Roxy and Viper Room at least one night of the week.  In this book he confirmed that Shannen Doherty was a handful and loved getting into fights.  In past business relationships that he made, he was able to get spots on TV shows and made for TV movies.

In 2004, he caught a big break by playing himself on the blockbuster movie, ‘Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle’.  However, himself in this movie, was depicted as a drug user who was desperately in search of a strip club.  In a great scene he is snorting cocaine off a strippers behind, while traveling on top of a stolen vehicle.  He would find great fortune in 2005, by playing the role of Barney Stinson in ‘How I Met Your Mother’.  2006, was the most important year in NPH’s life, he had come out of the closet.  He spends a good part of this book discussing how he had hooked up with girls, but found real attraction to certain males on sets that he was on.  Earlier in life, he had told his mother about his homosexuality.  Her response was that he may not be sure of his sexuality yet, but if he was gay his mother would still love him.  NPH talks about how supportive both of his parents were.

In 2004, he began seeing David Burtka.  In 2010, they had twins through a surrogate mother.  In 2011, NPH opened the Tony Awards with a controversial, comical gay song.  Their were certain lyrics he was asked not to use, but decided to use them on live television.  Some of the producers weren’t to pleased.  However, NPH managed to host the 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Tony Awards.

Great actor, Great book.


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