Google Update July 2015- Technology Review


  • Google is currently working on self-driving vehicles.   There have been accidents reported from these vehicles, but Google believes the other vehicles in the accident were at fault.

  • Speaking of cars.  Google is going green by finding ways to car pool in Israel.  The article says Google is teaming up with Waze.  They purchased Waze for over $1 billion in 2013.  Don’t know if I would use the term “teaming up”.
  • Google had to apologize for putting Nazi Camps into mobile games.  It seemed to create an uproar.  Sergey Brin and Larry Page are both Jewish.  I doubt they meant any harm by it.
  • A  few days earlier there was another incident.  The company has a nice unlimited offer on their google photos.  This program automatically sorts pics based on criteria that an algorithm that analyzes the photos.  Recently, a photo of a black developer and a friend were labeled by Google Photos as “Gorillas”.  It makes for an awkward situation, but I think we can all agree that was not Google’s intention.
  • Google added an undo send option in GMail.  It’s about time someone has given some thought to adding that feature to non-work personal emails.
  • Before the launch of Apple Music, free version of Google Play Music was announced.   I haven’t looked into it because I love Amazon Prime Music.
  • Google is removing Revenge Porn from their search results.  That’s some project to find every site that hosts pictures submitted by angry individuals.  Hopefully they can venture with Facebook to fight sextortion which seems to be a big issue these days.
  • Google is also busy removing links for Europeans.  Under the ‘Right to be Forgotten‘ project, links are being removed when requested.

It has been a busy month.  Much of the month spent dealing with issues.  Hopefully, the issues will resolve and they can focus on other great projects.


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