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Doc Gooden
Doc Gooden

Doc: A memoir was the next book I decided to listen to on Kindle Unlimited with WhisperSync.  I was drawn to this book because I am a big NY Mets fan and I figured it would be an interesting biography due to Doc Gooden’s drug problems.

Becoming a Mets fan in the mid-80s I felt an instant connection to Doc Gooden‘s story.  He was the youngest All-Star pitcher in MLB and a member of the last Mets World Series team (unfortunately almost 30 years ago).  This biography changed my assumptions/perceptions on quite a few things.

Since Doc Gooden was a major league star with drug problems, I had originally assumed that he may not have had the best parents.  After this book I realize that Gooden had exceptional parents.  His father was a great guy who seemed to be a great listener, as well as a great teacher.  Doc’s father was able to give his son great advice in his succinct messages.  His mother was a tough woman and a very loving parent.  The challenging parts of his Tampa’s upbringing included his sister getting shot and his drug dealer/pimp cousin.

The books begins with a great story.  Something I didn’t specifically remember, as I was only 5 when the Mets won the World Series.  When the Mets celebrated with their NYC parade, Doc Gooden was not there.  After winning the world series he celebrated near a project development partying with Cocaine.  The next day was the day of the parade and Doc was too paranoid from the Cocaine to make it to the parade.

In my youth, I knew that Doc Gooden had a cocaine problem.  His biography made me realize the extent of his addiction problem.  He always had his drug dealers phone number on his mind.  Doc seemed to have serious addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and women.

I would say that everyone believed that Daryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden were like brothers.  Based on this biography, Daryl seemed jealous of sharing Mets fame with Gooden, and back stabbed Doc every change he had.

I didn’t realize that Doc Gooden was in Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab.  In the book this program seemed to get him back on the right track the most.  He still keeps in touch with councilor Bob Forrest.  This book is great for Mets fans and has the power to inspire people with addiction problems.

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