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Monica Mayhem
Monica Mayhem

Monica Mayhem had put together this biography to help the reader understand what had driven her to pursue a career in the adult film industry.  In her 7 year span as an adult film star Mayhem had roles in approximately 300 films.

Born in Australia, Mayhem was the daughter of an abusive, alcoholic mother.  When she was very young her father had moved out of the house.  Her mother did not like to work and she did poor job keeping steady jobs.  The family was subjected to live on welfare.  Any money that was received from Mayhem’s dad for child support was spent by her alcoholic mother.

Mayhem ended skipping class time quite a bit and then got into drugs.  She had dropped out of school altogether.  She started taking jobs that used her looks to make money.  This was appealing to her.  Her father had tried to get her into administrative work to get her foot in the door into the corporate world.  Eventually, she would get involved in Futures trading.  This even led her to a stint at Salomon Smith Barney.

In her head, she always wanted to go back to work that utilized her looks to get attention from others.  She got into nude modeling.  Her photographer got her connected to a videographer.  She realized that she could make much more money doing adult films, than photography and the rest is history.

The next two-thirds of this book goes into her actual career as an adult film star.  She gives us a perspective of her peers.  Mayhem said most of the female adult film stars are uneducated crackheads.  They are extremely dirty and there homes are kept the same way.  She writes about the out-of-pocket expenses involved in this industry, which mostly make up looking good and getting tested monthly for STDs.

Mayhem is happy with the path that she has chosen because she loves the attention and enjoys the fornicating part of the job as well.  But she gives us insight as to the cutthroat nature of what she does and talks about how many days can be 12 hours of filming which takes its toll on you.

Overall, the book is well written by someone who is intelligent.  It’s an interesting topic because I am sure many people wonder what would drive someone into this field and what happened in their lives to get them there.

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