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Anderson Cooper
Dispatches from the Edge – Anderson Cooper

Dispatches from the Edge is an audio book available with the Scribd unlimited account.  In this memoir Anderson Cooper discusses in graphic details experiences that he has as a correspondent.

Anderson Cooper focuses on his experiences in the tsunami in Sri Lanka, starvation in Somalia, the war in Iraq, and the biggest part of this book, Hurricane Katrina.

Anderson Cooper is a great writer.  That’s a big part of what makes this book a good read.  He has the ability to make you feel like you are there.  He discusses seeing many lives lost.  In the Hurricane Katrina part he discusses the failed efforts of the United States to do the right thing.  The most moving part of the book for me is Somalia, where doctors try to help as many kids as possible, but it’s quite common for parents to see their children die from starvation or malnutrition.

As he recounts the devastating experiences that he had to observe as a correspondent, he write about some of his own negative experiences.  At a young age his father passed away and his brother committed suicide.  Every time he sees someone dieing he is reminded of his brother’s passing.

To me the most powerful thing about this book is that Anderson Cooper decided to take this career.  He is not really in need of money since he is a Vanderbilt. He is driven to follow his passion which is dangerous.  Anderson Cooper is out there risking his life and then he works very hard to report his experiences in a graphic and intellectual manner.  Typically, I enjoy short audio books because it gets to the point without dragging on.  However, I wish this audio book was longer.  It was so well written that I wish there were more chapters of experiences.


Sh-t My Dad Says – Justin Halpern – Scribd Audio

sh-t my dad says
sh-t my dad says justin halpern

I found sh-t my dad says by Justin Halpern on Scribd.  Recently, I have been doing research on other unlimited book subscriptions that offer Audio Books.  Currently Amazon Kindle Unlimited contains approximately 2,000 audio books that are free.  Then there are about another 7,000 books that are free on Kindle Unlimited, but you have to pay a few bucks to turn them into an audio book.  Scribd is about the same price as Kindle Unlimited, but offers approximately 30,000 audio books.  Audible, an Amazon company, gives you a selection of 150,000 audio books.  Many of Audible’s audio books are very popular, but it’s the priciest subscription of the ones I mentioned.  Currently, for approximately $15 a month you get one audio book from Audible or for $22 you get 2 a month.

Sam Halpern is Justin’s crazy father.  He curses quite a bit when he speaks to Justin, but his funny quotes are witty.  Justin Halpern started utilizing his father’s quotes in away messages.  Then he started posting them on twitter.  Originally his friends were the only ones enjoying Justin’s father’s intellectually humorous quotes, but with a few weeks the amount of Twitter followers had grown exponentially.  At the time of this article, Halpern has 2.87 million followers.

Once Sam Halpern found out that his anecdotes were posted on twitter, his response was that he didn’t give a sh-t.  Sam doesn’t really care what people think.  Even though, father Halpern seems pretty rough with his commentary, he is a loving father.

This makes a superb audio book, especially while at work.  It is full of really funny comments and it doesn’t require consistent listening.  The readers do a great job narrating.  Justin Halpern did a great job putting the book together.  Not only are the father’s comments funny, but so is the presentation of different story lines in this book.  I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a good laugh.