Johnny Carson by Henry Bushkin – Kindle Unlimited

Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson

I was first attracted to this read because the high amazon ratings and because it is WhisperSync compatable. In the Kindle Unlimited member service there are now more than 2,000 books that have an audio component. So, I sit back and relax and let the book read itself to me.
Like many celebrity stores this book is an account on how crazy Johnny Carson’s life was. It is told by Henry Bushkin, who had been originally chosen to be Carson’s lawyer, but came to be Carson’s personal assistant. In the early stages of this biography Bushkin becomes involved in spying on Carson’s first wife which had already moved away from Johnny and begins to have an affair with then NY Giants great Frank Gifford. We later learn that Carson is not the most faithful husband and that’s why his relationships tend to sour.
This book also explores the poor legal and business decisions that Carson makes. He is a great entertainer, but doesn’t get involved  in business. Bushkin delves into their time spent in Las Vegas. Going around Vegas with someone as powerful as Johnny Carson can be a blast. In Vegas Bushkin meets and has a fling with Joyce DeWitt.  She is Janet from Three’s Company.
There are other great parts of this biography like Carson being the headliner for an inauguration party for president Reagan, as well as Bushkin losing his original family because he succumbed to the temptations of hanging out with Carson, and Carson’s poor relationship with his family and friends.
There is much more to this biography and highly recommend you read it. Not only was I engaged the whole time, but Bushkin (or the book’s editor) writes this biography very well. The flow of the biography is perfect and there are many witty remarks.

Yellow Star on Amazon Kindle Unlimited with Whisper Sync


Yellow Star Novel
Yellow Star Novel

Recently I have decided to join Amazon Kindle Unlimited.  The biggest selling point was that they had a nice collection of books with free narration.  A little something to compete with Audible.

I started reading Yellow Star because of the great reviews the book had on Amazon as well as Good Reads.  When you download a Whisper Sync book it tells you how long the book is going to be.  This one happened to be under 3 hours which was perfect for me.

The main character Syvia is only a 4 year old child when her family is sent to the Lodz Ghetto.  The book goes on to talk about how with the help of her father, Syvia was able to hide in cellars from the Nazis.

The book is really well written by Syvia’s niece, Jennifer Roy.  Roy’ is a professional children’s book novelist.  In the beginning of the book Roy talks about her struggles to write this non-fiction novel, as she wanted to keep young readers engaged.  Roy decided to write Yellow Star in free verse.  It was a great decision as the free verse compliments Syvia’s distracted thinking among the turmoil of living in the Ghetto and hiding from the Nazis.

It’s a moving novel and it wont take a long time to read.