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Mike Tyson
Undisputed Truth – Mike Tyson

Undisputed Truth is Mike Tyson’s biography which is now available for free on Scribd as an audio book.  Mike Tyson originally grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant.  It’s a well known part of Brooklyn, NY.  His mother didn’t like to hold steady jobs.  It was difficult for her to keep a steady relationship as well.  She looked for relationships only to find a source of income for her kids.  Tyson’s family couldn’t find enough money to stay in Bedford Stuyvesant.  They would move to Brownsville, NY. Bedford Stuyvesant isn’t the best area in Brooklyn.  Notorius BIG raps about it.  However, compared to Brownsville, Bedford Stuyvesant is a country club.  I was fortunate enough to work in Brownsville for a little while and it is a really scary place.

Mike Tyson, learned to fight from an early age.  He had to defend himself from the constant bullying.  He lived in a violent neighborhood, was overweight growing up, and had that distinctive funny voice. Tyson made friends with hooligans in the neighborhoods.  They taught him about pigeons.  In that neck of the woods, it’s a gang hobby to be able to control and catch pigeons.  A bunch of people release their pigeons together and the plan is to catch other people’s pigeons.  This is why you hear Mike Tyson talking about his love of pigeons.  Spending so much time with the birds, he learned quite a bit about them.  These kids would teach Mike Tyson how to rob.  Since he was young, he would usually sneak into the windows and open doors for his partners in crime.  His life of crime caught up to him and he was sent to  juvenile detention center.  He would stay at that center for some time. At the juvenille detention center.  Bobby Stewart discovered Mike Tyson’s boxing skills at the center.  He would introduce Mike Tyson to Cus D’Amato.  Tyson would describe Cus as more than a boxing educator.  He was more of a father figure to Mike Tyson.  Cus had opened up his home to Tyson.  Mike loved Cus, but he also talked about Cus’ dark side.  Cus didn’t take crap from anyone and forced Mike Tyson to do the same. As everyone knows, Mike Tyson would become the heavyweight champion of the world.  He would beat his competition in great fashion.  He would perform knockouts in the first round.

Throughout the book, Mike Tyson is very in-tune psychologically.  He has been on psychiatric medication from a young age.  He describes everything with a perspective of how it made him feel mentally.  From the great boxing performance, to the women, to the drug use everything is described psychologically.

Mike Tyson’s two big downfalls were the women and the drugs.  In this book he makes himself out to be a sex addict.  I read an audio book about an adult film star and Mike Tyson’s book seems to have more sexual relations in his book.  He travels the world and hangs out with very rich individuals (which is definitely factual based on his stardom at the time).  He also, goes back to Brownsville to hang out.  In both scenarios, he is constantly chasing girls.  Even when he gets locked up he manages to fornicate with another inmates girlfriend.  When that comes to an end he manages to create a sexual agreement with a penitentiary officer.  Many of the women he slept with would take advantage of him financially.  He would by many women expensive gifts that included luxury cars, jewelry, and expensive fur coats.  Many one night stands concluded with a female suing him for rape.  Based on the facts that were given in court, it’s safe to say that Mike Tyson didn’t rape these women.  However, many of them managed to get some sort of payout after a court ruling. Mike Tyson wasn’t a recreational user of drugs, he was addicted to them.  If you lookup Mike Tyson YouTube videos or Mike Tyson quotes, there are some funny items.  Most of these great comments were fueled by a liberal use of Marijuana.  He would talk about getting very high before interviews and press conferences.  This led to him saying things that just didn’t make much sense.  Mike Tyson also liked to use cocaine.  But once again not recreational use.  He would talk about getting pulled over by police for driving erratically because he was high.  When he got pulled over he would be carrying a brick of the white stuff.  But he managed to sweet talk his way out of a cop searching his vehicle. This book concludes with Mike Tyson going in and out of rehab.  He chronicles his struggles to stay clean.  He managed to sort of successfully finish a program, but then went out in Vegas and had another drug fueled evening.  I believe at the end of his book, he is clean for 6 months. This is one of the most interesting books I have ever read.  The stories told are great, but to me it’s Mike Tyson’s connection to his personal feelings and emotions that he shares throughout the book.  He is constantly referring to himself as a failure.  He was the heavyweight champion of the world, an actor, and now a great writer.  A failure he is not.  Please, read this book if you get the opportunity, you won’t regret it.

Champs Documentary – Bert Marcus


Champs is a documentary that is currently streaming on Netflix.  It features boxing greats Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, and Evander Holyfield.  The purpose of this documentary is to show how different boxing is from any other sport.

Coincidentally, all three of the Champs featured into this film were born into poverty.  For Mike Tyson and Bernard Hopkins that also included issues with the law from an early age.  For these boxers they didn’t see a flyer about a boxing school and signed up out of interest.  Fighting was a necessity in the poor towns that they were raised in.

Mike Tyson, was raised in the rough parts of Brownsville, Brooklyn.  His father wasn’t around and his mother was promiscuous.  Mike Tyson turned to the streets at a young age.  He would rob people with a gang.  As a juvenile, he went through the prison system.  There he was discovered by a counselor and former boxer.  After training for a few months in the system, he would be introduced to Cus D’amato.  Mike Tyson would be taken in by Cus D’Amato.  Mike referred to Cus as his real father.  He was a great mentor to Iron Mike.

Evander Holyfield was born in a very poor suburb of Alabama.  He was the youngest of nine children.  He went in a different route than Mike Tyson.  He started fighting at the Boys Club from an early age.  By the age of 20 he was in the Olympics.  He went on to have a great career.  Holyfield was the undisputed champion of the world (1990-1992).  Ironically, the other star of this documentary, Mike Tyson bit a part of Holyfield’s ear off in a fight.

Bernard Hopkins was a middleweight champion that defended his title 20 times.  He was a thug that grew up in Philadelphia.  A product of a drug addict father and an alcoholic mother.  When Hopkins was locked up in prion for 5 years, his brother got murdered in the streets.

Champs a multi-purpose documentary.  It entertains the audience to see the struggles that the boxers go through.  The audience is entertained by watching great moments in these boxers careers.  Another important purpose of this documentary is to show the audience that boxing is no joke.  It shows how the fighters that rise to the top went through very serious struggles.  I believe Champs helps many people that are looking into boxing look for another career.  It’s a great documentary and it’s still on Netflix as of today (thanks instantwatcher).


Google Update July 2015- Technology Review


  • Google is currently working on self-driving vehicles.   There have been accidents reported from these vehicles, but Google believes the other vehicles in the accident were at fault.

  • Speaking of cars.  Google is going green by finding ways to car pool in Israel.  The article says Google is teaming up with Waze.  They purchased Waze for over $1 billion in 2013.  Don’t know if I would use the term “teaming up”.
  • Google had to apologize for putting Nazi Camps into mobile games.  It seemed to create an uproar.  Sergey Brin and Larry Page are both Jewish.  I doubt they meant any harm by it.
  • A  few days earlier there was another incident.  The company has a nice unlimited offer on their google photos.  This program automatically sorts pics based on criteria that an algorithm that analyzes the photos.  Recently, a photo of a black developer and a friend were labeled by Google Photos as “Gorillas”.  It makes for an awkward situation, but I think we can all agree that was not Google’s intention.
  • Google added an undo send option in GMail.  It’s about time someone has given some thought to adding that feature to non-work personal emails.
  • Before the launch of Apple Music, free version of Google Play Music was announced.   I haven’t looked into it because I love Amazon Prime Music.
  • Google is removing Revenge Porn from their search results.  That’s some project to find every site that hosts pictures submitted by angry individuals.  Hopefully they can venture with Facebook to fight sextortion which seems to be a big issue these days.
  • Google is also busy removing links for Europeans.  Under the ‘Right to be Forgotten‘ project, links are being removed when requested.

It has been a busy month.  Much of the month spent dealing with issues.  Hopefully, the issues will resolve and they can focus on other great projects.


Elon Musk Renaissance Man – Kindle Unlimited

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

I must first admit that I did not know who Elon Musk was.  I had seen him on the ‘Secret Lives of the Super Rich‘ TV show.  This is why I searched for him on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.  Elon Musk is South African born with a Canadian background.  He is a smart and stubborn individual.  Doesn’t particularly like to follow orders.  The book describes a situation where he was punished.  He secretly left his house during the punishment and walked for 4 hours to attend a party.  He taught himself computer programming at the young age of 12.  Elon Musk created a game using BASIC and sold it to a computer magazine for $500.

Elon Musk attended UPenn and obtained his undergraduate degree in Physics and Economics.  He started his Physics PhD program at Stanford University but left after 2 days to become an entrepreneur.  In 1995, His brother Kimbal and Elon would start an internet city guide called Zip2.  Compaq would acquire the company for $341 million.  This would make Elon Musk $22 million.  At that point most people would by a nice home and work out their retirement.  Not Elon Musk.  In 1999, he poured $10 million into X.com to be a co-founder.  The company worked with financial services and e-payments.  They would merge with a company that created Paypal.  The company was renamed Paypal and sold to Ebay in 2002 for a mere $1.5 billion.  This would make Elon Musk $165 million.  At this point, I would believe at least 99% of people with this amount of wealth wold consider retirement.

Elon Musk, was hungry to pursue another dream that he had.  He believed that we could bring crops with us in a certain form to another planet.  He would want to start creating this crop on the other planet, to bring us closer to living outside of Earth.  He believed that the current way Space Rockets were created was inefficient.  He wanted to change the supply chain integration of creating the rockets to get a better price.  He would throw $100 million of his own money into SpaceX.

In 2004, Elon Musk would make a large investment into Tesla Motors.  He would be Chairman of the Board and would not be involved in Day-to-Day operations.  During the financial Crisis of 2008, he took a CEO role and would become the chief architect.  In addition to creating great electric cars, they also sell electric powertrain systems to other major automobile manufacturers.

What sets Elon Musk apart from other wealthy powerhouses is his desire to help society in his actual work.  Bill Gates, does it through a separate Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  But Elon Musk is open to people using his Tesla patents in Good Faith to speed up the process of creating electrical vehicles.  I don’t believe Bill Gates had ever opened up Microsoft patents in Good Faith.  Another venture he is in is SolarCity.  This company provides Solar Power.  Elon Musk’s main goal is to combat global warming.  He is actually working on providing California very cheap options to upgrade their homes to Solar Power to show his concern for global warming.

If you watch ‘Secret Lives of the Super Rich’, Elon Musk does have some expensive toys.  But he also has enough money to do the right thing  even if it impacts profit negatively.  Read Elon Musk: Renaissance Man by Nathanial Oliver if you want a succinct Elon Musk biography.

Bill Gates: Life/Lessons Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Bill Gates
Bill Gates – Microsoft

Bill Gates came from an upper-middle class family.  His family encouraged a competitive nature from their children.  Bill and his 2 sisters would play cards competitively often.  At 13, he enrolled in Lakeside School, where he would meet Paul Allen.  After scoring 1590 out of 1600 on the SATs, he was on his way to Harvard College.

Bill Gates followed the computer industry and learned that the Altair computer was coming out with the Intel 8080 processor.  He saw this as the perfect opportunity to start a company.  Him and Allen worked on a BASIC interpreter for the Altair.  Computer hobbyists took the code they created and distributed it.  Bill Gates unsuccessfully requested payment for this.  At this point Bill Gates and Paul Allen decided to name their partnership Microsoft and they had earned the respect of the programming community.  Bill Gates, had also decided to completely withdraw from Harvard University and give his company 100% attention.

In 1980, IBM was looking to revolutionize the computer industry with the creation of the personal computer.  They reached out to Microsoft for the BASIC interpreter.  IBM also needed an operating system and Bill Gates jumped at the opportunity.  Most people probably believe that at that point Microsoft created DOS and the rest is history.  That is partially true.  Bill Gates and Paul Allen were smart enough to create their own Disk Operating System (DOS).  However, IBM had a time-frame and Microsoft knew between creation, testing, and bringing it to market, there was no time.  They reached out to Seattle Computer Products and bought their version of DOS for $50,000.  Then, Bill Gates and Paul Allen fixed that operating system to IBM’s request and sold it to them under a licensing agreement.  The gamble payed off as the PC became popular and other companies started cloning the machine.  All the clones ran MS-DOS.

In 1985, he launched Microsoft Windows.  The operating system had many similarities to Apple‘s Graphical User Interface (GUI) operating system.  Apple took Microsoft to court for these similarities.  The case went on for years until it was ruled that the GUI was a necessary and common to PC users and that no company owned the patent for GUI.

In 1986, the company would go public.  Bill Gates owned 45% of the shares.  By 1987, at the age of 31, Bill Gates would become the youngest Billionaire.  By the age of 39, he was the wealthiest man in the United States.

Geroge Ilian, talks about the failure of Microsoft to take the Internet seriously.  They were slow to react to the popularity and because of it companies like Google would lead the market.  Even harder to digest was Apple’s success with iTunes internet sales and the creation of iPhone to utilize the internet.  Microsoft realized this mistake and tried to make up for it by entering the video game console market.  The XBox series of consoles have done an incredible job.  They have a loyal following and are the only respectable competitors to the Sony Playstation.

One of the most important things that Bill Gates has created is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  Influenced by Warren Buffett, this foundation has given away about $28 Billion to charitable causes.

Richard Branson – Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Richard Branson
Richard Branson

Richard Branson is the only billionaire that I would want to have a drink with.  He is a good mix of wealthy and fun.  Which is also where his success comes from.  In 1970, he got into record sales by setting up a mail-order system.  His first venture was successful in sales.  Unfortunately, he obtained low import prices on the records because tax was not charged.  He would spent a night in jail and the courts would rule that he owed quite a sum of money to the government.  In quite a pickle, his mom would step in.  She remortgaged the house to help Richard Branson pay this fine.  He would later open up a record store.  What differentiated his record stores from others was the experience.  He would fill the store with comfortable chairs for people to come in and listen to music.  It was a social gathering place.  And he always placed the most importance on the customer.  He would open up more successful stores.  The stores were name Virgin Stores.

By 1972, he took some of his earnings and ventured into creating the Virgin Records recording label.  He leased out studio time.  Mike Oldfield was their first successful recording artist.  Richard Branson’s business was based on making being different from their competitor.  He understood that controversy would be good business for the industry that he was in.  Richard Branson signed the Sex Pistols when no one else would.  In 1982, virgin purchased the gay nightclub Heaven when homosexuality was vexed.  He would use the nightclub to promote acts.

In 1992, he would sell Virgin records to EMI.  Richard Branson would use the money to start Virgin Atlantic Airways.  Similar to previous ventures, customer comfort came first.  The airline comes with 3 different flight classes.  Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to offer personal entertainment to all classes.  He also made money by entering the media market with Virgin Mobile and selling the company UK Cable.

Richard Branson is a thrill seeker.  He tried to break world records in racing his boat across the ocean and speeding in hot air balloons.  He owns Necker Island, which he purchased for a mere $180,000 back in 1978.  Similar to Elon Musk and Bill Gates, he also has his initiatives that he is willing to put his riches into.  He is the founder of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Similar to Elon Musk, he is looking for solutions to global warming.

Richard Branson: The Life and Lessons of Richard Branson is a short, but great biography written by George Ilian.  It is free to Kindle Unlimited users and goes for a low price of 99 cents to non-unlimited users.

Stephen Curry – Clayton Geoffreys – Kindle Unlimited


Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, is the son of former NBA player, Dell Curry.  His mother, Sonya had met Dell Curry at Virginia Tech.  While watching Dell play basketball, Sonya was on the volleyball team herself.  Stephen grew up in a strict, devout Christian household.  Chores came first.  He wasn’t allowed to play basketball unless his chores were done.  Curry, went to Charlotte Christian high school.  He led his team to three conference finals.  Since, he was only 6’0″ tall and 160 lbs, he did not have too many college scouts taking him very seriously.  His first choice would have been Virginia Tech, but they only offered him a walk-on role.  He would take a scholarship offer from Davidson.

Freshman year, he was the 2nd leading scorer in college basketball behind Kevin Durant.  Sophomore year, Stephen Curry led the Davidson Wildcats to the NCAA tournament.  They were knocked out by top seeded Kansas.  That year (2008) he was named most outstanding player in the midwest region.  By Junior year he was the NCAA scoring leader.

Stephen Curry opted out of his Senior Year in college.  In 2009, he was drafted 7th overall by the Golden State Warriors.  Curry finished the season averaging 17.5 points and came in 2nd for the NBA Rookie of the year award.  The following year he got the Golden State record for free throw percentage.  He also earned the sportmanship award that season.  The 2011-2012 season was a difficult on for Stephen Curry.  He suffered a terrible ankle sprain and played only 26 of 66 games in a shortened lockout season.  The following year he agreed to a $44 million 4-year contract extension.  This would be less money than teammates David Lee and Andre Iguodola.  But, he accepted the offer.  He wasn’t one for trying to make the most money.  That year they would make it to the playoffs, but were defeated by the San Antonio Spurs.

Around this time, Under Armour would give Stephen Curry a $5.5 million endorsement offer.  He could have made significantly more by signing on with another company.  But Stephen Curry, liked the way Under Armour was all about his needs.  Stephen Curry, needed special sneakers to be made to work with his ankle injuries.

Stephen Curry, is a master of the three point shot.  He was the youngest to make 1,000 three pointers in the NBA, the youngest to 100 three pointers in playoff games, and made 11 three pointers in one game (record is 12).  He is still a devout Christian and writes biblical verses on his sneakers before playing basketball games.  In 2011, he married his high school sweetheart Ayesha Curry.  They have a young daughter, Riley Curry.  At the time of this article they are leading Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers 3-2 in the 2015 NBA Finals.

Clayton Geoffreys, is a great writer that loves to write about basketball stars.  His books give lots of interesting information and are available for free with an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Lebron James – Clayton Geoffreys – Kindle Unlimited

Lebron James
Lebron James

Clayton Geoffreys writes small books about current basketball superstars.  Lebron James was raised solely by his mother, Gloria Marie.  They struggled with poverty.  At times they couldn’t even afford to heat the house.  A local football coach had his eyes on on Lebron James.  He was scouted to play youth football.  This coach would open his home for Lebron James to live in.  He would also introduce Lebron James to basetball.  They put Lebron James on a youth team that would represent Northeast Ohio.  Lebron and 3 close friends on the team would name themselves the ‘Fab Four‘.  They collectively decided to go to St. Vincent – St. Mary high school to play basketball.  In that neighborhood, black people didn’t typically attend St. Vincent – St. Mary.  There was another school nearby that were more accepting of black people.  So, the “Fab Four” did stir a little controversy.

The Fab Four would excel in high school basketball under the leadership of Lebron James.  Lebron’s game play would fill the bleachers with fans.  The games would have to be played at University of Akron to ensure that all fans were able to see Lebron James.  Some of these tickets would be selling for $100 each.  This team won the Ohio state championship 3 out of the 4 years that Lebron was on the team.  Sophomore year was very successful.  Lebron James gained a great deal of media attention.  He attributes this superior confidence building to not winning the championship Junior Year.  He said that junior year, the team wasn’t working as hard.  They were just expected to win.

In 2003, Lebron James signed a $90 million contract with Nike.  That was before he entered the NBA draft.  Lebron James then entered the draft right out of high school.  He was selected first overall by his home state’s Cleveland Cavaliers.  In his first NBA game ever played he put up 25 points.  By 2006, he was averaging over 30 points and have led the Cavaliers to their first playoff appearance in 8 years.  In 2007, he had led the team to their first NBA finals.  Unfortunately, San Antonio took the title in 4 games that year.

In 2010, Lebron James became a free agent.  He would join the Miami Heat that year.  He would be joining other fell free agents Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.  In the 4 seasons that he spent with Miami he had led them to the Finals each year.  The Miami Heat would win the NBA championship in 2012 and 2013.  For the 2014-2015 season he comes back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Once again, he brings the team to the NBA finals.  The prior season Cavs had 33 wins and 49 losses.

Lebron James may easily be the best basketball player ever.  He came from poverty, but managed to accomplish so much through the help of good people from Akron, Ohio.  He had been the youngest player to break many records.  Moreover, he is a great team player as evidenced by the amount of assists he has.  Clayton Geoffreys write many books about basketball stars.  His book provides a thorough background, great insight of Lebron’s development, and details about specific games that were important.

Stalking Amanda Todd – TopDocumentaryFilms

Amanda Todd
Amanda Todd

Over the past week I found a new obsession.  A website that offers so many free documentaries.  Check out TopDocumentaryFilms.com.  Let’s begin with the conclusion and move onto the story.  On October 12, 2012, Amanda Todd committed suicide at the age of 15.

Amanda Todd’s parents separated when she was young.  Her mother didn’t want Amanda Todd to own a webcam.  Her father was ok with it.  Amanda Todd loved to perform.  Her father found the webcam necessary to perform.  She started using the webcam to socialize with strangers over the internet.

One day she was requested to do inappropriate things over the webcam.  She settled at simply flashing someone.  Unfortunately, the individual she was communicating with was a ‘capper’.   A capper is someone who captures screen images from video.  He then used this screenshot to try to commit ‘sextortion‘.  He would request that Amanda Todd puts on sex shows for him.  When she declined it would have it’s consequences.

In late 2010, Amanda Todd found out that her topless photo was circulating around the internet.  She was experiencing severe anxiety and depression.  She even turned to drugs and alcohol.  In 2012, her family had moved to a new city to start over.  Once again, the sextortionist reached out to her and requested a private show.  She stood up to the bully once again.  This time the bully created a fake facebook profile connecting to her new school.  Once the facebook profile had most of her classmates, the bully changed the profile picture to Amanda Todd’s topless photo.  This time Amanda Todd moved on to self mutilation and was hospitalized for two days for an overdose.    Shortly thereafter, she committed suicide.

Amanda Todd was from Canada.  The authorities had investigated this crime and traced the criminal’s computer to Holland.  Unfortunately, the  Dutch authorities didn’t really pursue the matter.  Leave it to the country that has legalized drugs and prostitutes to make such a decision.  We need to learn a lesson from this documentary.  When the internet was first becoming popular we were consistently warned that anything posted on the internet is permanent and available to anyone.  It may be easier to lose inhibitions when no one is actually in the room.  Please, learn from these mistakes.

This was a great documentary created by The Fifth Estate.  It is Canada’s investigative documentary program.  It is broadcast on Canadian television on Friday at 9 PM.

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

Dark Places Gillian Flynn
Dark Places Gillian Flynn

Dark Places is a novel by Gillian Flynn.  She had wrote this novel prior to Gone Girl.  It is available on Scribd as an audio book.  Dark Places, like Gone Girl, will be adapted into a movie coming out in August 2015.

In 1985, in a rural town in Kansas, two sisters and a mother were brutally murdered.  25 years later, Ben Day (one of the brothers) is serving prison time for the murders, Runner (the father) is just running around town up to no good.  The book begins with Libby meeting with her accountant.  She is not well versed in her own finances.  She wants to know how much money she has remaining from the insurance settlement and a published book.  She assumes she has about $10,000 left to work with.  She doesn’t like to hold a steady job and she just needs money for everyday expenses.  Libby is informed that there is less than $1,000 remaining.

She is approached by a dorky looking young man.  He is part of some kind of kill club and wants to interview her about the murder.  The last thing Libby want to do is recount the dreadful night of the murders.  But she needs money to survive.  Lyle (the dorky looking young man) offers her $500 just for the interview, she accepts.  Lyle and others in the kill club don’t believe that Ben killed the family.  After reviewing the facts it just doesn’t make sense to them.  Next they offer Libby money to go visit Ben in prison to get information from him.

Since the murders, Libby had not responded to any of Ben’s letters or visited him in prison.  To make some money, Libby pays Ben a visit in prison.  Shockingly, Ben is kind to Libby during the visit.  About 25 years ago, it was Libby that testified against Ben.  He told her that he did not commit the murders.  But he was dealing well with being in prison.  It’s not mentioned in the book, but since the family was so poor, maybe prison isn’t a bad thing.

Ben divulges certain information that helps Libby continue the investigation.  When he worked as a janitor around the school he was accused of molesting a young girl named Chrissy Kates.  He also got his girlfriend Diondra pregnant.  He used to hang around bad kids before prison.  They would sit around the house and do drugs and alcohol.

With this information and being offered more money from Lyle she searches out Chrissy Kates.  Chrissy admits to Libby, that she made up the molestation story.  Her and a bunch of young girls at the time made up those rumors.  Next she wanted to pay Runner a visit.  Her father welcomed the visit because he needed money.  After meeting with her scumbag father, she concluded that he was too dumb to have committed the murders.

I will tell you that Ben is right and he did not commit the murders.  It’s a great dark, mystery novel.  The conclusion to Dark Places is crazy and some sites will spoil the story for you.  If you don’t want to read the book, see Dark Places the movie in August.  It will star the great Charlize Theron.